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Nikola Tesla in his laboratory c.1899

Why people of Southeastern Ukraine protest?


Imagine that you lived in great country that fought against nazis in World War II.

Imagine that your country splitted and you became a citizen of small country resulted in this split.

Imagine that in this country there are people who hate your language, your ethnicity and who’s ancestors fought…


"My mushroom."


As the photographer says: “In Soviet times authorities paid greater attention to the leisure time of Soviet citizens. In the 70′s and 80′s a lot of Dom Kulturi (or House of Culture in Russian or Cultural Centers) were built. Movies were shown there, and dance and music classes were held both for adults and for kids. They were named as a rule after the factory or college which they belonged to.” Then the author says that in the city where she was growing up, there were a few Dom Kultury. One of them was (unofficially) called “Steklyashka” (piece of glass) and another was called “Neutrino” – that’s because her city was connected with nuclear power for the Soviet Union. “So this Dom Kultury I visited also belongs to some factory … this is probably the most beautiful house of culture I ever visited.”

(Source: englishrussia.com)


Sailors of Amur Military Flotilla in Manchuria, 1945



Crying Skelton with Sword in Hand from Nikkan hagakiPostcard Japanese, Late Meiji era, cancelled 1906Artist Unknown

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston