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Beijing street scene during the Cultural Revolution. 

Józef Robakowski, from the series Łódź Courtyards, c1966

Third version of Lenin Mausoleum, designed by the architect Aleksei Shchusev, under construction in 1928.

The Soviet Army, 
A Soldier with an GP-5 and an RPK-47 

A US Air Force Lieutenant is held captive by a young North Vietnamese girl soldier. 1967.


V. I. Lenin, Moscow, august 1918

I will not be able to be very active on tumblr this week. Since I got work as a sailor on a big ferry, I will be away on the sea every other week and home the other. I will not abandon my blog, but may not be able to reblog much while on the boat since there is very much work to do and bad access to the internet.


Soviet troops of the 3rd Ukrainian Front march through the outskirts of Vienna into the heart of the city during the Vienna Offensive. A captured Nazi flag, taken from a Gestapo headquarters, is placed on the road by the soldiers to be marched over. Near Vienna, Ostmark, Germany (now, Austria). March 1945. Image taken by Yevgeny Khaldei.